images-1This is a multi-purpose post, which serves the current jumbled nature of my life. Further on will be a brief review of a book of short stories by a Canadian writer that I enjoyed very much, This Cake if for the Party by Sarah Selecky.

But first a mea culpa on the delay of the new site and all the great things in motion for this year.  As almost everyone would have advised, perhaps I should have waited until things were a bit more solid before announcing them to all.  The good news is that I’ve enlisted help in working on the set up, so I can focus on editorial and growth plans.  So thank you for your assumed patience.

The Cake is For the PartySo back to the business of the day.  This Cake is for the Party is a collection of short stories, which does not feature a story with the cover title.  Ironically, the title is what drew my eye to the book.  The book is a collection of stories that unfold during dinner parties, coffee and glasses of wine and more.  The broader theme is the ups and downs of relationships both starting and ending.

Like all good short story collections, the pleasure is in being able to finish a complete tale in one sitting but also leaving you wanting more.

Good for BookClubs

Good for BookClubs

This Cake Is for the Party was a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Commonwealth Prize for Best First Book in Canada and the Caribbean, and it was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Prize. Selecky is a writer and creative writing teacher who lives in Toronto.  She is currently working on a novel based on one of the characters from This Cake is for the Party.  She won’t say  when it will be done — how smart!

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